VANITY. Original idea and direction: Victor Ruíz. Duration: 40 minutes Target audience: Adults

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2 VANITY Original idea and direction: Victor Ruíz Duration: 40 minutes Target audience: Adults VANITY is a dramatic composition addresses the excesses crudely, banality and marketing of the body. The passages of the piece focus on the image of beauty, physical attractiveness, drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and the deep solitude That Prevails in our society. The world insist in the transformation of the physical to hide Everything That Makes an Individual "natural" Replacing the biological by the synthetic, at a frantic effort to get away from the Consequences Caused by age. We Appear to live in the promise obsessive That Promotes the media every day to meet the fleeting happiness of the false. "The devastating scenography created by Fernando Feres, bristles senses... The public Could Ruiz's appreciate how monumental imagination overflowed the Angela Peralta Theater, creating moments of impact and thrill with a stark and hard work..." Digital Magazine / December 2014 Political Critic

3 CREDITS Concept and Direction : Víctor Manuel Ruiz Dancers: Agustín Martínez, Aura Patrón, Xitlali Piña, Johnny Millán, Karla Núñez, Daniel Marín, Roselí Arias and Renato González Scenography: Fernando Féres Scenography Production: Rigoberto del Valle Costume Desing: Johnny Millán Costume Production: Liliana Escobedo, Amada Valencia y Francis Mendoza Music: Swayzak, Meredith Monk y Pet shop boys Musical Edition: Johnny Millán Video: Renato González

4 BIOGRAPHY DELFOS CONTEMPORARY DANCE Delfos Contemporary Dance Company was founded in 1992 by Mexican choreographers/dancers Claudia Lavista and Victor Manuel Ruiz with the vision of creating dynamic new works in the spirit of collaboration, as well as developing a professional training program for contemporary dancers. The company is a unique collective of artists whose creative vision is characterized by its physical, theatrical and visual scenic language in constant search of new poetic narratives within their diverse repertory. Delfos work has been presented throughout México as well as in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Canada, the United States, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Lebanon, Algeria, Lithuania, and Greece. The Company has received worldwide critical praise, as well as several major international awards for Dance including: The Mexican National Dance Award in 1992, 1997 and 2002, the Award as Best Dance Company in Mexico by the Critics Union, the Artistic Merit Award in Brazil and the Best Show Audience Award at the XXV Lila López International Dance Festival in 2005 in San Luis Potosi. Delfos had the distinct honor as the only Mexican dance company selected to tour extensively in the United States in the fall of 2004 with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts in association with the National Dance Project of the New England Foundation for the Arts. The tour included a successful week-long run at the Joyce Theater in New York as part of the Mexico Now Festival. In , Delfos returned to the United States with the support of Artes Americas. Delfos toured the US again in In 2011 the company was nominate for the Austin Critics Choice Award for Touring show with the piece When the disguises are hung up. In is selected by Southern Exposure/ Performing Arts of Latin American, Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, to tour in the US in 2015, which included the Washington University in Seattle, UCLA in Los Angeles and the Bates Dance Festival in Maine. In 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, 13 and 15 Delfos received the Professionals Artistic Groups Scenic Arts MEXICO EN ESCENA Program, from CONACULTA, which is given to the most prestigious artistic companies in Mexico. Since 2008 directs the Dance and Consciousness program, a community project that brings dance to marginal sectors of Mazatlan, in order to re-build the social net through art. Currently we work with 500 children, adolescents and adults. The company has maintained a constant interest in the creation of projects in collaboration with creators of other artistic disciplines, which has allowed us to work with outstanding national and international artists of different disciplines and visions. Since 1998, Delfos Contemporary Dance has run the Mazatlan Professional School of Dance (EPDM); a dance Conservatory that offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program with an interdisciplinary curriculum. Has graduate 17 th generations of dancers and young choreographers, the Artistic Directors are Claudia Lavista and Víctor Manuel Ruiz. Today Delfos and the EPDM are recognized as two of the most important contemporary dance organizations in Latin America. Their home base is the Angela Peralta Theater and the Municipal Center for the Arts in Mazatlan, Mexico.




8 MULTIMEDIA Demo: Full Show: Photo Gallery / Web Page





13 Stage: 10 Meters deep 14 Meters wide 22 Meters tall Floor: black marley dance floor (non-negotiable) Hanging Goods 1 Black borders 8 Black legs A black curtain or traveler the width of the stage 1 White screen proyeccion(ciclorama) It is indispensable that the theatre provide the props. Pipes Lighting Equipment: 18 ETC units that are 26 degree barrels for booms, each 750 watts 20 ETC units, zooms that are degree range 750 watts, specials overhead 10 Units that are 10 degree barrel with 1000 watts, FOH 18 Par 64 units, 1000 watts, back light 18 Fresnels, 1000 watts each 15 Pipes free in stage 6 Robotic lights, SUPERSPOT 1200 SHOWCO (this is indispensible) Light board with 24 channels and 12 submasters minimum Lighting Gel Colors Lee CONGO 181 Backlight DEEPER BLUE 085 Enviroment RED 182 Enviroment and backlight BLUE GREEN 116 Enviroment CHOCOLATE Backlight Sound: Amplification that is sufficient for the theatre 2 Monitors on stage for the dancers 2 Cd players 1 Console with 12 channels 2 Speakers backstage Special Effects: 2 Fans 2 Hazemaker with remote controls 1 Projector of 10,000 lumens, SONY

14 General Description The scenography consists mainly of three main elements: - Elements Hanging pipes: - 11 silver mirror glass film (1.20 * 5.50m) - 12 steel string with mechanical mirrors milestone - One runway plastic canvas (2.50 * 12mm) - 1 Rigid mirror (2.40 * 1.20m) - 25 pieces of mannequin - Items to floor: - 30 red neon light tubes, arranged in two floor structures with wheels (4.50 * 2.50m) - One runway attached to plastic canvas floor (10 * 1.50m) Technical People: 1 Light board op 2 Lighting techs for hang and focus 1 Sound board op 4 Stage hands 4 Props people 1 Robotic lighting programmer Special Technical Needs Robotic lighting programmer 2 Pipes holding in the stage 6 meters both side IMPORTANT NOTE: These needs are totally indispensible, for our show is based in projections and robotic light and that those lights are SHOWCO SUPER SPOT because of the gobos, and with these things we can handle this work. BURDEN VANITY 2. Modules 2.50 meters. By 50 cm. 30 cm ( neon structure) 2. Modules 1.10 meters. By 95 cm by 250 cm ( neon lights ) 2.- Modules 1.20 meters by 20 cm by 20 cm ( tubes mirrors ) 1. Module of 2.10 meters by 25 cm by 25 cm ( white floor ) 2. wooden benches 1.50 meters. By 50 cm by 35 cm 1. wooden table 50 cm by 50 cm by 40 cm 1. suitcase 20-in wardrobe. 2. boxes 30 cm. by 40 cm. by 1.85 meters ( dummies ) 1. Box 25 cm. by 1.00 mt. By 1.80 mt ( wings) Total volume 2.60 cubic meters Total weight 325 kg The cost is covered entirely by the festival or school for five days before shipment.




18 Assembly time: One day before the show and the day of the performance (14 hrs in total.) Disassembly time: Three hours Assistance: There should be a doctor present during the performance. Two bathrooms with showers and 8 towels. Catering will be appreciate: fruit, water, juice and coffee. Rehearsal: A dance room is requiere for three hours, both the day before and the day of the performance. Number of people traveling: 10 people: 8 Dancers / 1 Lighting Designer / 1 Stage Manager Rooming List: 5 Double rooms The accommodation will be paid by the organizer event Per diems will be covered by producer: $45 USDOLLAR in cash per day per person. Inner transportation will be requiered The cargo shipping will be paid by the organizer event.

19 CRÉDITOS DELFOS DANZA CONTEMPORANEA Co-dirección Víctor Manuel Ruiz y Claudia Lavista Bailarines Karla Núñez, Claudia Lavista, Aura Patrón, Xitlali Piña, Roselí Arias, Surasí Lavalle, Agustín Martínez, Johnny Millán, Daniel Marín, Renato González y Víctor Manuel Ruiz Diseño de Iluminación Víctor Manuel Ruiz Producción Técnica Rigoberto del Valle Producción de Vestuario Johnny Millán Gerencia Ana Elena Morales Administración Rocío Martinez Relaciones Públicas Martha Castillo Coordinación General Claudia Lavista Imagen, Audio y Video Renato González Coordinación administrativa EPDM Martha Castillo Co-dirección Artística de la EPDM Claudia Lavista y Víctor Manuel Ruiz Manager Lynn Fisher/ Frontera Arts Fisioterapeuta Dra. Maria del Carmen Chaparro Fotografía Ana Elena Morales Mazatlán Sin Colin Dunn Mazatlán Sin Martín Gavica Mazatlán Sin Lois Greenfield Nueva York Consejo Consultivo: Raúl Rico, Carlos Berdegué, Patty Kronemeyer, Juan José Ruiz, Martín Gavica, Juan Ordaz y Laura Peniche Colaboradores: Amigos de Delfos, Instituto de Cultura Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, Centro Artes, CONACULTA-FONCA e Instituto Sinaloense de Cultura. Municipal de las Amigos de Delfos: Mark Kronemeyer, Marcela González de Rico, Laura Graef de Ruiz, Juan Carlos Ordaz, Dolores Sacristán de Berdegué, Carolina Gutiérrez de Pruneda, Dra. María del Carmen Chaparro, Gaspar Pruneda, Ana Belén López, Dr. Eduardo Valle, Gabriela Ramírez, Raúl Carreón Álvarez, Andrea Martínez de Castro, Sheila Madsen, Soren Madsen, Richard Marin, Kristi Bishop, Martha Anguiano, Socorro Luna, Roberto Coppel Azcona, Alfredo Gómez Rubio, Rodrigo Becerra, Daniela Rodríguez, Dr. Marco A. Álvarez Arrazola, Dr. Steven Backman, Moisés Himmelfarb, Gilberto Avilés, Cecilia López, Eugenia Hernández, Marianne Biasotti y Diana Lem.

20 Delfos danza contemporánea Web: CONTACT Offices in México Claudia Lavista, Co-directora/Co-director Ana Elena Morales- Gerencia/Management Teatro Ángela Peralta. Carnaval s/n, Colonia Centro, Mazatlán, Sinaloa. México Tel: (52-669) / y 47 ext. 108 Correo electrónico/ USA Management Lynn Fisher / Manager 3102 Lakeway Blvd., Austin, TX 78734, Tel: (512)

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